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Dawati | Online Education

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Learning on-the-go

Dawati is designed to allow members to access all its features on multiple devices. These include mobile devices, tablets and personal computers. This expands the learning environment outside the classroom.

Video & Presentation formats

Our learning content is rendered in presentation slides or video format. It is up to date and inline with the current 8-4-4 curriculum used in Kenyan schools.

Interactive Learning

Students and teachers ask questions and create relevant posts on the platform. They may then contribute to such posts and provide feedback on learning material to be used to improve on the same.

Expert Teachers

Teachers who develop content for use on the platform are sourced based on pure merit. Students on Dawati benefit from this by having concepts explained to them by teachers whose expertise has been proven.

Graded Assesments

The examinations on Dawati are up to date and time controlled. The student has access to their results, which can be printed from the platform when needed.

Mentorship Programme

Students are encouraged to participate in the Dawati mentorship program to interact with professionals who offer their guidance through the platform.