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DAWATI e-learning platform

What is Dawati?

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Dawati is an online education platform designed and developed to offer secondary school students in Kenya with high quality educational content.

The content, presented in the form of Videos, Ebooks and Evaluations includes classwork videos, laboratory practicals, course-work ebooks, solved evaluations and exams for users to gauge themselves. Dawati is accessible via web and the android application downloadable from Android Playstore.

Our content is developed by top teachers from leading schools in the country with an aim to ensure all high school students have access to quality education from anywhere.

The best secondary school educational platform
Dawati Online Education for Secondary School Students

What is Dawati?

A better way to learn
A quicker way to improve your grades

We have developed a platform that makes your learning experience much more enjoyable, easier and most importantly improve your grades. What this means is we are constantly looking for ways to make your learning experience more enjoyable and get the best quality there is. 

Why do we do this?

The background

Despite the rise in internet and mobile penetration in the country, access to quality, digital learning materials has always been a big problem in Kenya. Dawati seeks to bridge the gap by linking students in Kenyan high schools to content developed by teachers from top schools in an easily adaptable form.
Founded in 2015, Dawati, a product of Carrel Technologies, has remained steadfast in this mission and is always evolving and growing to ensure the product keeps up with the ever changing market demands.

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The Leadership

Eddie Malitt


Mohamed Sharif


Naheed Manjothi

Chief Operating officer

Technical team

Mwaura Gitonga


Cyrus Muchiri


Stanley Mandela


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